The interdepartmental minor program is centered on the study of the arts and cultures of Southeast Asia and its diasporas. To understand Southeast Asia as a region, students need to make sense of and engage with its diverse expressive forms of culture (including visual arts, literature, and performance) which are crucial in building and maintaining  individuals as well as group identity both within and across national or ethnic boundaries.

To learn more about the minor, please contact the appropriate academic advisor below:

Victor Moreira Students with 45 earned units or more
Last Names A-G (951) 827-1584
Holly Easley Students with 45 earned units or more
Last Names H-O (951) 827-6385
Cassee Barba Students with 45 earned units or more
Last Names P-Z (951) 827-1802

To declare minors in the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, you must complete the lower division requirements and a total of half of the minor requirements. Please consult with the appropriate advisor for quarterly course offerings.

Students who are interested in focusing on literature and language of Southeast Asia, please contact the Comparative Literature and Languages department to learn more about the minor in Asian Literatures and Cultures focusing on Southeast Asia. Please see


1. Lower-division requirements (2 courses [8 units]) 

a) Four (4) units from lower lower-division lecture courses on Southeast Asian literature and culture:

AST 049/HIST 046/SEAS 047, Introduction to Southeast Asian History

AST 062/CPLT 062/SEAS 062, Introduction to Southeast Asian Literature

AST 063/CPLT 063/SEAS 063, Reading Southeast Asian Stories

AST 064/MCS 049/SEAS 064/VNM 064, Introduction to Vietnamese and Diasporic Film Culture

AST 065/SEAS 065, Introduction to Southeast Asian Cultures

b) Four (4) units chosen from above or from one of the Southeast Asian languages (Vietnamese/Indonesian/Tagalog).


2. Upper-division requirements (4 courses [16 units]) 

a) Sixteen (16) units in Southeast Asian literature and culture chosen from

ANTH 126/AST 123/ DNCE 123/ MUS 123, Southeast Asian Performance

ANTH 136(S)/SEAS 136(S), Anthropological Perspectives on Gender in Southeast Asia

ANTH 140I, Culture of Southeast Asia

ANTH 176/AST 127/DNCE 127/ETST 172/MUS 127, Music Cultures of Southeast Asia

AST 126/HIST 125/SEAS 185, Southeas Asia, Pre-History to 1800

AST 129/HIST 186/SEAS 186, Modern Southeast Asia, 1800 to Present

AST 160/HIST 184/SEAS 184/VNM 184, The Vietnam Wars

AST 161/SEAS 161, Translating Modern Southeast Asian Texts

AST 162/HIST 167/SEAS 162/VNM 162, Vietnamese Literary History

AST 163/CPLT 163/SEAS 163, Nationalism and the Novel

AST 164/SEAS 164/VNM 164, Vietnamese American Culture

AST 165 (E-Z)/SEAS 165 (E-Z)/VNM 165 (E-Z)/WMST 165(E-Z), Themes in Vietnamese Literature

AST 166/CPLT 166/SEAS 166/VNM 166, Vietnam and the Philippines

AST 167/CPLT 167/SEAS 167, Postcolonial Literature and Criticism in Southeast Asia and South Asia

AST 187/MCS 167/SEAS 177, Vietnamese and Overseas Vietnamese Cinemas

AST 189/HIST 189/SEAS 189/VNM 189, Encountering Vietnam

CPLT 142V/WMST 142V, Women’s Writing in Modern Asia and Asian America: Vietnamese/American

CPLT 173V/MCS 173V, International Cinemas: Global Perspectives on the Vietnam War

DNCE 180J, Dance Practicum: Culture Shows

ENGL 144J/MCS 144J, Race, Ethnicity and Visual Culture: Film, Race & Ideology: The Vietnam War

ETST 133, Asian Diaspora: Historical, Contemporary, and Comparative Perspectives

ETST 137/SEAS 137, The Vietnamese Americans: The Refugee and Immigrant Experience

ETST 143A/SEAS 143A, Critical Filipino(a) Studies: Histories and Legacies of U.S. Conquest, Colonialism, & Empire

ETST 143B/SEAS 143B, Critical Filipino(a) Studies: Interrogating the Filipino American Present

MCS 123/SEAS 175/WMST 124, Asian American Women: Writing the Self in Literature and Film

MCS 130/SEAS 130, Filipino American Culture

MCS 142/SEAS 172/WMST 122, Gender in Southeast Asian Diasporic Literature and Film

RLST 145/SEAS 145, Buddhism in Southeast Asia

RLST 149/SEAS 149, Southeast Asian Religions

RLST 150/SEAS 150, Islam in Southeast Asia

b) No more than Four (4) units may count from performance ensemble courses.

AST 168/MUS 168, Javanese Gamelan Ensemble

AST 170/MUS 170, Rondalla Ensemble