The SEATRiP Program at the University of California, Riverside – Southeast Asia: Texts, Rituals, Performance – brings together faculty and students who share an ongoing interest in the arts and humanities and are actively engaged with the languages and expressive cultures of Southeast Asia.

The scholars associated with the Program address regionally-specific texts, rituals and performances across time and space. They seek to develop better understandings of the forms and practices through which ideas and ideologies are creatively expressed, shaped, and communicated within and among different societies of Southeast Asia (in particular Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines) as well as the Southeast Asian diaspora. Their research interests range from traditional disciplinary themes to more transgressive, controversial matters that are reflected in the range of historical and contemporary subjects they bring to their courses and seminars developed for the degree programs in Southeast Asian Studies at the University of California, Riverside.


Fall 2020:

SEAS/CPLT62 Introduction to Southeast Asian Literature (visiting instructor)

MCS130 Filipino American Culture (Sarita See)

ENGL276 Postcolonial Discourse and Literatures (Weihsin Gui; 50% Southeast Asia content)

Winter 2021:

SEAS/CPLT205 Seminar on Southeast Asian Literature (Minh Nguyen)

ENGL121T Postcolonial Literatures of Southeast Asia (Weihsin Gui)

HIST185 Southeast Asia, Prehistory to 1800 (David Biggs)

SEAS204/HIST242 Approaches to Southeast Asian History (Huong Nguyen) – please contact instructor (huongn at for registration details

Spring 2021:

MUS127/ANTH176/AST127/DNCE127/ETST172 Music Cultures of Southeast Asia (Deborah Wong)

MCS/ENGL278 Filipino American Visual Culture (Sarita See)

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