How do I apply for the Designated Emphasis (DE) in Southeast Asian Studies (SEAS)?

First, read the requirements for Designated Emphasis for SEAS:

Click on “Designated Emphasis Forms” or go to:

This link will take you to a list of DE programs. Click on SEAS and the form will appear. Towards the bottom of this link, there is a specific area where a student would click the “Designated Emphasis Forms”. Once a student clicks on the “Designated Emphasis Forms,” it will take them to a list of programs. Download form; fill out and keep on file to submit to SEAS Director upon completion of requirements.

How do I sign up for a directed study as SEAS 290?

The form for SEAS 290 can be accessed here:

You will need faculty approval and a preliminary syllabus. Typically, students sign up for four credits, though 1-6 are possible. Note that SEAS 290 is repeatable and students are assigned a grade; S/NC is not an option. Alternatively, fill out the SEAS 290/297/299 form and submit to Odie Jasso, the Graduate Student Affairs Officer for SEATRiP.

How do I sign up for SEAS 297/299 research and thesis credits?

Fill out the SEAS 290/297/299 form. Both SEAS 297 and 299 need to be approved by your Committee Chair, typically after your research proposal has been submitted and accepted (see below). Once the Chair approves, submit the form to Odie Jasso, who will enroll the students in the credits. Typically, students sign up for four research or thesis credits, though 1-6 are possible for SEAS 297 and 1-12 credits for SEAS 299. Note that SEAS 297 and 299 are repeatable and graded on the basis of Satisfactory (S) or No Credit (NC).

How do I sign up for an undergraduate class and add a one-credit 292?

Register for the course through Banner after you have contacted the professor to receive permission to enroll as a graduate student. You will then need to submit a SEAS 292 concurrent studies enrollment form to Odie Jasso for the course to count as a four-credit graduate student course. [Note that you will then need to submit a substitution petition (see below) if you would like the course to count as a SEAS MA requirement.]

How do I substitute coursework?

Students wanting to substitute one required course for another, or one non-course requirement for another, should fill out a petition at:

Please note that you may be asked to submit the syllabus of the course you would like to substitute. For non-SEAS courses to count for SEAS credits, they need to have a minimum of 30% course content on Southeast Asia and the diaspora, as well as a SEAS-focused final project.

How do I fulfill my language requirement?

Proficiency in another language must be demonstrated by either:

  1. Filing a petition if you are a native speaker
  2. Demonstrate proficiency in another language through coursework or an exam

administered or, if outside UCR, approved by the program.

Note that completion of the language requirement may occur any time prior to completion of the degree. The Graduate advisor will submit evidence of proficiency to Graduate Division via a signed memo detailing courses or exam taken, with dates and results.

How do I designate a MA committee?

Committees are comprised of a minimum of three faculty members, two of which must be core faculty in SEATRiP. Once a committee has been determined, students must fill out the following form and obtain signatures from committee members:

How do I fulfill the research proposal requirement?

Submit proposal and IRB approval (if necessary) to chair of the committee for approval. Chair should send a copy of the proposal and their approval to Odie Jasso, who will mark the completion of this requirement on the student’s MA degree audit.

What forms do I need to advance to candidacy?

To advance to MA candidacy, please consult with you committee chair to choose Plan 1 (thesis) or Plan 2 (exam). Confirm your choice by filling out a Master’s Advancement to Candidacy Application found at:

What forms do I need for my MA defense?

You must report the results of the final defense of the master’s thesis. An explanation of procedures can be found HERE. Make sure to include a signature approval page. See here for current policies regarding remote participation in defenses:


By what date do I need to file?

What steps do I need to take to get my Master’s degree?

As per the website of the Graduate Academic Affairs:

Step 1: Degree Audit 

Review your degree audit via R’Web (see Degree Audit icon under your authorized applications menu).  Confirm all requirements have been or will be completed by the end of the quarter you wish to graduate.  Discuss any discrepancies with the Odie Jasso, the Graduate Student Affairs Officer, who also maintains degree audit records.

Step 2: Application for Candidacy 

Fill out the Master’s Application for Candidacy in R’Grad appropriate for the master’s plan you are completing (Plan I vs Plan II). If you are completing a Thesis (Plan I), you must nominate your Thesis committee as part of the advancement process. The application for candidacy is due by the first day of instruction of the quarter you plan to graduate.  See Application/Submission Deadlines button below.

Step 3: Apply to Graduate 

Apply to graduate via R’Web.  The application will be available once registration begins for the quarter you wish to graduate.  The deadline to apply is the Monday of week 4.

Step 4: Capstone Requirement (comprehensive exam or thesis) 

Complete your capstone requirement (comprehensive exam or thesis) and confirm the report of completion of the capstone was submitted by your department to Graduate Academic Affairs.  Any student completing a Thesis (Plan I) as the capstone requirement must review the Thesis Filing page for detailed instructions regarding submission of the Thesis for format review and finalizing the document. Additional filing resources can be found here:

I am on the Ph.D. track and have completed the requirements for the MA in SEAS. How do I transition to the Ph.D. program in which I was given preliminary acceptance?

Please follow the following steps or visit:

  1. Use the Returning UCR Graduate Student Login, she will login in using her Net ID and password and will be able to select the shortened application for Change of Major (not Add A Major). Selecting this app will waive the application fee automatically. Transfer all documents (no need to create new ones) and upload the attached letter of confirmation and Ph.D. research statement.

More specifically, go to, click on “Returning UCR Graduate Students” located at the bottom right corner and login using your Net ID and password, which is the same information you used to log into R’Web.

  1. From the “Menu Information,” click “Change Major Application” and fill in the information.
  2. After you are done, go back to the Main Menu and click on “Continue filing out an application”
  3. Click on the Application ID number. It will prompt you to the “Main Application Menu” – “Required Application Sections”
  4. Fill in your advisor’s contact information. The system will generate an email asking your advisor to upload a letter of recommendation and confirmation of completion of the SEAS MA. No other letters are needed.
  5. Upload your research statement. [Note: this does not need to be a new statement; the original statement will suffice.]
  6. Complete the application and click “submit.”

Note: this process may take several weeks; for fall Ph.D. enrollment, students are encouraged to begin this process in June before the end of the spring quarter.


When is the fall application deadline?

For new fall applicants with fellowship consideration, the deadline is January 5.

Where can I find an overview of admission requirements?

Visit the website:

Do I need to take the GRE?

No, the GRE is not currently required for Southeast Asian Studies.

Do I need TEOFL or IELTS?

All applicants whose first language is not English and who have not earned an advanced degree at an institution where English is the exclusive language of instruction must submit passing exam scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or Academic Modules of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

TOEFL: This exam must be taken within two years of the time you intend to enroll at UCR. The minimum acceptable scores are: 550 for the revised TOEFL paper-delivered test and 80 for the TOEFL iBT.

IELTS: This exam must be taken within two years of the time you intend to enroll at UCR. The minimum acceptable overall score is 7 with no score less than 6 on any individual component.

What kinds of academic records are accepted for international students?

Visit the website:


Who is the Graduate Student Affairs Officer (GSAO) for Southeast Asian Studies?

Mr. Odie Jasso, the SEAS GSAO, can be reached

If I have questions for Graduate Academic Affairs, who should I contact? (Last Names A-L) or click here to make a Zoom appointment. (Last Names M-Z) or click here to make a Zoom appointment