Designated Emphasis Requirements

The Designated Emphasis in Southeast Asian Studies, a specialization that includes new methods of inquiry in conjunction with a student’s disciplinary field of interest, is awarded in addition to a Ph.D. degree. It requires 12 units of coursework in the field of Southeast Asian Studies, taken in at least two Departments, including one core course (SEAS 200) and 4 units of Thesis Study (SEAS 299) or Directed Research (SEAS 297), resulting in a paper supervised by a member of the Southeast Asian Studies Program. Language proficiency is preferable though not required. Courses taken for the DE cannot be used towards the PhD.

Applicable Courses

Current Graduate Seminars:

SEAS 200/ANTH 202/ CPLT 200 (required);

SEAS 201,  SEAS 202/RLST 253/ANTH 257,  SEAS 203/ANTH 203,  SEAS 204/HIST 242,  SEAS 205/CPLT 205,  SEAS 206,  SEAS 243 (A-B)

Current Upper Division Undergraduate Courses:

ANTH 140I,

SEAS 130/MCS 130,

SEAS 136/ANTH 136,


SEAS 143/ETST 143,

SEAS 149/RLST 149,

SEAS 150/RLST 150,

SEAS 161/AST 161,

SEAS 162/AST 162/HIST 187/VNM 162,

SEAS 163/AST 163/CPLT 163,

SEAS 164/AST 164/ VNM 164,

SEAS 165 (E-Z)/AST 165 (E-Z)/GSST 165 (E-Z)/VNM 165 (E-Z),

SEAS 166/AST 166/CPLT 166/VNM 166,

SEAS 167/AST 167/CPLT 167,

SEAS 172/GSST 122/MCS 142,

SEAS 175/GSST 124/MCS 123,

SEAS 184/AST 160/HIST 184/VNM 184,

SEAS 185/AST 126/HIST 185,

SEAS 186/AST 129/HIST 186,

SEAS 189/AST 189/HIST 189/VNM 189,

MUS 127/ANTH 176/AST 127/DNCE 127/ETST 172

ETST 140

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