M.A. – Ph.D. Track students are in the M.A SEAS program and have been preliminarily accepted to a Ph.D. program in a cooperating department. These students must complete the following 40 units to earn the degree:
  • 20 units of core courses unique to SEAS program, including:

     Proseminar in Southeast Asian Studies (ANTH 202/CPLT 200/SEAS 200) with a “B” or better. 

    Additionally, students must pass (with a “B” or better) a graduate level seminar in four of the following six areas (any 100-level course must be paired with SEAS 292): 

    1. Southeast Asian performance 

      ANTH 126/AST 123/DNCE 123/MUS 123, ANTH 176/AST 127/DNCE 127/ETST 172/MUS 127, AST 119/MUS 119, AST 124/MUS 124

    2. Southeast Asian religions 

      ANTH 257/ RLST 253/ SEAS 202, RLST 111, RLST 150/SEAS 150, RLST 200B, RLST 252

    3. Southeast Asian cultures 

      SEAS 203/ANTH 203, ANTH 136/SEAS 136, ANTH 140I

    4. History of Southeast Asia 

      SEAS 204/HIST 242, AST 126/HIST 185/SEAS 185, AST 129/HIST 186/SEAS 186, AST 160/HIST 184/SEAS 184/VNM 184

    5. Literatures of Southeast Asia 

      SEAS 205/CPLT 205, AST 163/CPLT 163/SEAS 163, AST 167/CPLT 167/SEAS 167

    6. Media in Southeast Asia 

      SEAS 206, CPLT 173U/MCS 173U

  • 16 elective units can be from the home Ph.D. program with the approval of SEAS faculty.
  • 4 units in SEAS 299 toward completing the thesis.

Continuation in the Ph.D. program is not guaranteed, but subject to review by the cooperating department. After completion of the M.A. in Southeast Asian Studies, M.A. – Ph.D. track students will need to reapply through Graduate Admissions (fee waived) to the cooperating department for approval and official admission into the Ph.D. program.