Current faculty focus their research and teaching on studies of text, ritual and performance to create this Program’s special emphasis on the arts and humanities in Southeast Asia and its diasporas. The Program is also assisted by affiliate faculty in the wider university community.

Muhamad Ali Muhamad Ali (Religious Studies)
Islam, Indonesia
David Biggs David Biggs (History)
Vietnamese, Environment
Emily Hue Emily Hue (Ethnic Studies)
Cultural Studies, Burma/ Myanmar, Queer/ Feminist Studies, Asian American Studies
Tamara Ho Tamara C. Ho (Gender and Sexuality Studies)
Burma/Myanmar, Asian American Studies
Mariam Lam Mariam Beevi Lam (Comparative Literature)
Vietnam, Asian American Studies
Rene Lysloff Rene Lysloff (Music; emeritus)
Hendrik Maier Hendrik Maier (Comparative Literature; emeritus)
Malaysia, Indonesia
Sally Ann Ness Sally Ann Ness (Anthropology)

Victoria Reyes (Sociology)
Culture, territoriality, borders, empire

Christina Schwenkel Christina Schwenkel (Anthropology)
Sarita Echavez See Sarita Echavez See (Media and Cultural Studies)
Philippines and diaspora
Rican Vue Rican Vue (Graduate School of Education)
Intersections of race, ethnicity, class and gender in education
Deborah Wong Deborah Wong (Music)
Ethnomusicology, musics of Thailand and Asian America

Affiliated Faculty

Charmaine Craig Charmaine Craig (Creative Writing)
Fiction, fact, and freedom; historical fiction and narratology
Weihsin Gui Weihsin Gui (English)
Anglophone literature of South & Southeast Asia