House of Natural Fiber (HONF) founder Venzha Christ presents history, new project

House Of Natural Fiber (HONF): Local Initiatives in the Time of Globalizing Digital Technologies
Venzha Christ, founder of HONF (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

Monday, April 29, 2013
12:10 PM


The House of Natural Fiber (HONF) was founded in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, in 1999 as a new media art laboratory. Yogyakarta is a unique and autonomous city that is well known for its cultural and historical heritage and as one of the main centers of higher education in Indonesia. HONF was one of a number of reactions of unsatisfied young people in facing an uncertain future with the political and economic restructuring after the restoration of civil society.

HONF brings together local artists (ranging from digital musicians and graphic designers to computer programmers, scientists and engineers) to use new technologies and knowledge to solve local problems in creative and culturally relevant ways. HONF is home to digital artists, activists, computer programmers, and scientists. The mission of HONF is to educate local Indonesians in using new technologies while developing partnerships to come up with creative solutions to existing social problems.

Venzha Christ is the UCR Music Department’s Rosenthal Scholar in Residence, funded by the Rosenthal Endowment for the Arts, Asian Studies, and the Center for Ideas and Society. Venzha’s residency at UCR will culminate in a sound installation at the Culver Center for the Arts (May 4 to June 1, 2013).The installation is based on Area 51, the well-known site of secret experimental aircrafts and supposed extra-terrestrial visits.

Venzha (as he is usually called) is a prolific and award-winning artist, initiator, and leader in media and art/science research. He was produced and organized many projects such as public art installations, media performances, media art festivals, technology and  science research, workshops, discussions, and DIY gatherings. Venzha is a conceptor and director also for YIVF (Yogyakarta International Videowork Festival) and CELLSBUTTON (Yogyakarta International Media Art Festival), which produced and organized by HONF every year (since 2005).