Hot off the Presses event with guest speaker, Sarita See

College Building South 114

 The Filipino Primitive: Accumulation and Resistance in the American Museum Sarita See argues that collections of stolen artifacts form the foundation of American knowledge production. Nowhere can we appreciate more easily the triple forces of knowledge accumulation—capitalist, colonial, and racial—than in the imperial museum, where the objects of accumulation remain materially, visibly preserved. The Filipino Primitive takes […]

Grand Theft Buffalo – “Animals” and Property in Imperial Vietnam

HMNSS 1500

Presented by: Prof. Bradley C. Davis, Eastern Connecticut Based largely on nineteenth century archives but informed by a broad environmental humanities perspective, this presentation considers the category of animals in imperial Vietnam. As an element of a sedentary agricultural empire, buffalo (bubalus bubalis) received legal protections that befitted their collective status as biotic farm machines, […]

Ethnic Hierarchies and Gender in Dissent and Empowerment: Migrant Labor in Malaysia and Vietnam

INTS 1111

Presented Dr. Angie Ngọc Trần, CSU Monterey Bay Migrant workers from Vietnam going to work overseas are not just the Kinh (the majority), but also from the other 53 ethnic groups in Vietnam. I focus on five ethnic groups:theKinh,theHoa(ethnicChinese),theKhmer,theChămMuslimsandtheHrê, who engage in different migration patterns and forms of resistance and empowerment. The transnational labor brokerage […]