The Uprooted: The Systematic Removal of Mixed-Race Children in Colonial Vietnam

HMNSS 1303

HISTORY LIBRARY TALKS public & students welcome; light reception @ 5:30pm In the 1890s, French colonists in Indochina founded charity organizations to “protect” mixed-race children born to Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Lao mothers. Protection societies gave them room and board in French institutions, tuition to the colony’s elite schools and job replacement upon reaching adulthood. A […]

On the Cusp of History: Exploring Incipient Vietnamese Civilization

The Department of Anthropology, University of California, Riverside presents: On the Cusp of History: Exploring Incipient Vietnamese Civilization Dr. Nam C. Kim, Associate Professor, Section Chair - Archaeology Department of Anthropology, University of Wisconsin-Madison Exploring the underpinnings of Vietnamese civilization requires an engagement with textual narratives, archaeological data, and even the various agendas of modern-day communities. Like elsewhere […]

Ideologizing Bird Music-Dance Traditions

Maria Christine Muyco University of the Philippines Fulbright Scholar in Residence at UCR  Colloquium presentation sponsored by the Program in Southeast Asian Studies  “Ideologizing Bird Music-Dance Traditions” My past research centers on the Panay Bukidnon of the Philippines and its ideology called sibod that manifests itself in the binanog (hawk-eagle expressive tradition). This ideology refers […]